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Vital Procollagen


Procollagen is a polypeptide (substance from which proteins are made) that promotes the production of healthy joint cartilage as well as collagen and elastic fibers that support vibrant skin. Everyone’s challenge is that our body produces adequate amounts of procollagen only until we reach the age of 20.

Then, procollagen production gradually decreases and by the time we reach the age of 60, our body produces less than 70% of the procollagen that is needed to feel young and healthy.

The typical procollagen deficiency that progresses with age, contributes to the onset of joint and back pain as well as wrinkles, bags under the eyes and additional skin problems.
In order to recover collagen, joint cartilage and elastic fibers that stretch our skin, it is necessary to take Vital Procollagen; in doing so, our joints will strengthen and our skin will rejuvenate. The cartilage in our joints is made of Procollagen which is the leading factor that causes joint and back pain. Let's not forget that the production of Procollagen decreases by the time we reach the age of 20.

  1. Add ½ fl. oz. (15 ml) of Vital Procollagen® to a glass of water or juice. (For the exact dosage, use the measuring cup located atop the bottle cap).
  2. Take it every night before bedtime. Remember, if you fall asleep and then wake up to take it, you may not experience its full health benefits. It is best to take it shortly before bedtime. You do not need to be on an empty stomach.